“Education is an Investment”: St. Jude Holy Cross Primary Buwekula

By Andita Parker Lloyd

Jinja, Uganda–The agenda today included a visit to St. Jude Holy Cross Primary School Buwekula. As we pulled up to the school we were greeted again by singing and dancing. The students were in a burgundy color uniform and some other colors. The experienced dancers were wearing grass skirts and St. Jude tee-shirts from an American set of benefactors. There was an air of excitement for the visitors from the United States. I feel that the schools are excited when they see Americans for they hope we will be able to help their school in some way. It has been a struggle to see so much NEED and we are not even halfway through our travels. It has been a blessing to see so much HOPE within those beautiful faces.


“Education is an Investment”: St. Jude Primary School, Jinja

The next thing I saw besides a sea of smiling faces were some bright blue wooden signs. The signs stuck out because of their color and their placement in between the tree branches and hammered into the tree trunks. I had to go investigate. I am a sap for what people hang up as something important or to share. They are inspirational in nature. The signs say things like “Respect People”, “Feel Great to be a part of Holy Cross”, and “Every Child is Special.” The one that struck a serious cord in my heart was “Education is an Investment.” My mother could have said something similar because she was always preaching about education being the key. As an educator and lifelong learner I try to pass this on to my students every day. I believe that poverty cannot be disabled without a strong determination and education.

Listed on an old piece of paper on the wall was the values of St. Jude which include: Professionalism; Integrity;

Diligence; Team Work; Competence and Excellence. This gave me a great first impression of what positive things are happening at this school. The school has 251 students, 8 classrooms, and 13 teachers and administrators. St. Jude has some goals to expand their teachers’ quarters, add a dining hall, computer lab, purchase a TV for educational/recreational activities, and create an alumni association. I believe they will be able to make that happen. The School motto “We Can and Must Excel” is shown in everything they shared with us.

The last of the wisdom from the walls of St. Jude Holy Cross Primary Buwekula:

Education Makes
People Easy To
Difficult to
Easy to Govern
Impossible to


A grammar lesson in the Primary 3 classroom with English teacher Oduor George

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  1. This is very fascinating article! I would to get to see these schools. I love the title to “Education is an Investment., I can relate to it. It’s a great story of this school to be told.

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