Soft Power Education: Dreaming Big

By Katie Cryan


a mural painted by Soft Power volunteers, Kalungami, Jinja (photo: Paula Longo)

Jinja, Uganda– Today was a very inspiring day to say the least. Not only were we able to experience the workings of a Ugandan Secondary Education (USE) school, but also understand and introduce ourselves to Soft Power Education. Soft Power Education is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) located within the United Kingdom and Uganda. From our time spent at Soft Power, we were able to recognize the benefits and the help this organization has provide to many Ugandan students and schools.

Through our tour within the Soft Power Education headquarters in Jinja, we were able to understand the organization’s goals to help create a clean, equipped, fun, and safe learning environment in schools so that students are able to have a positive learning experience, and are able to have a passion and will to succeed. It was clear to us that Soft Power is changing many lives. In other words, children who experience poverty are now able to dream big, find encouragement, and believe that there is hope.

Although it can be difficult to see children and schools experience the effects of poverty, Soft Power Education seems to overcome the odds and provide a better educational system to a variety of schools. Furthermore, my group had the opportunity to understand how the smallest changes in a school can affect a child’s learning experience in a positive way. As a result, this organization has the ability to bring forth a brighter future, and empower tomorrow’s leaders.

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